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Philani Community Development Programme is a Non-profit Organisation that operates at 52 Hilma Road, Nufcor Zuurbekom Agricultural Holdings in the West Rand 65km from Johannesburg City Centre and 15 km from Westonaria CBD. The premises where the centre is situated belongs to Anglo Gold Ashanti. The company used it as single quarters but due to retrenchment the place was closed down. The centre has 18 classrooms which are utilized to develop various community projects since 2001. The founder of Philani, Phyllis Malope with wealth of experience as an educationist saw the plight of Zuurbekom children in a desolate rural area far from all the amenities of modernization. The only entertainment for youth was to bask on the pavements and roam around the streets suffering from unemployment. The illiteracy and poverty was no shame in the surrounding mines. As a result most women became victims of HIV pandemic whilst the children suffered as orphans. In her vision she was joined by her co-founder Anibal Mondlane with his technical skills to implement this dream to develop the youth within the community. This call was followed by the journey of humble beginnings with no resources to pursue it.

Philani is inspired by Christian compassion and a vision for the needs of the most vulnerable in society, by commitment to community participation and development, and by passion to advocate for the rights of vulnerable children, youths and their families through partnerships

In the year 2002 there was a Presidential call for volunteerism to fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic which was

One of the social ills that brought integration of families.with a focus on orphaned and vulnerable children.

The organization ventured to bridge a gap where Department of Social Development left a child at 18 years of age. The organization initiated skills development projects for unemployed youth out of school who were no longer receiving grants as orphans. The fundraising and resource mobilization produced picture frame projects for youth further joined by furniture manufacturing training in partnership with private sector, art & craft with beadwork. Some youth-headed families were trained and placed in formal jobs and others started businesses. To date the development has expanded to provide a number of basic training projects as well as accredited computer training. What also stands out is its effective role in cooperatives facilitations, training and formation which is a project which extends not only to the youth but to all the different clientele groups within the community.

In 2008 Philani extended its programmes as a response to the need to have a home for children and youth at risk.

Philani Safe Haven was opened for children living and working in the street.

The organisation identified the need in its area of operation to have a home where children and youth living and working in the streets could belong without being violated or discriminated against. The organization also had the vision to create a place where they could be rehabilitated whilst being protected, accepted, understood, learn and interact with the community while ensuring that their rights and basic needs are met. The ultimate vision however was to work at effectively facilitating for reunification with their biological families hence the drive on the part of the organisation to continuously facilitate the fostering of these family relationships.

It is also through its drive for excellence and well formulated programmes that have led to the success and further expansion of the Organisation hence giving birth to the Commercial Sex Workers Peer Education Programme. The Republic of South Africa through the Department of Health took an initiative to try educate the Commercial Sex Workers about safe sex towards prevention and management through a peer education programme.

The programme run by Philani have from (1) one project since inception to (7) Seven programmes to date successfully servicing the community. The Staff compliment increased from 5 to 91 with successful stories of serviced beneficiaries.


A sustainable well-resourced development centre of excellence


To capacitate communities through quality services and strategic partnerships towards sustainable livelihood

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