Grannies Luncheon

‘’Honour and Respect the Elderly’’




The Zuurbekom grannies luncheon club was established for the senior citizens of Zuurbekom Community that they may be involved and are hands on. The focus is on encouraging each other by promoting their social well-being through interaction with different mentors and sharing knowledge and skills to the younger generation.



v  To provide care and support services to the Elderly People through psychosocial support programmes as part of comprehensive and holistic support while ensuring family and community integration.

v  To provide preventative programmes through information, education and communication awareness and support to keep infected grannies alive to reduce or delay orphan-hood.

v  To improve the quality of life of marginalized older women through consistent social support that will prevent further destitution, and support their access to basic services.

v   To engage the local administration to raise issues of poor older people to ensure gradual inclusion of older people`s needs in their planning

v  To provide a forum for older people to discuss their issues of concern and work out ways to address these with the support of Zuurbekom Grannies Luncheon Club.

v  To educate and assist older people in starting small scale businesses to generate their own income in a sustainable way.

v  To bring the generation gap between grannies and youth where dialogues can be made, storytelling, indigenous games can be taught and also behavioral change to young people e.g. good nutrition, dressing up especially girls.

v  To support through relief, material assistance and referrals to various government institutions where the need will be attended to accordingly.                                                                  



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