Orphan Care

Programme Objectives

  • Identification of orphans and their needs through door-to-door campaigns.
  • To provide Psycho-Social Support services to OVCs that will ensure the Human Development and increase response to critical issues that they are faced with. Increased access of OVCs to essential services (documentations, primary health care, education, social security, statutory services etc.) and provision of educational support to CCH and drop-outs.
  • To provide nutritional support and linking the households to sustainable livelihood and food security programmes – distribution of food parcels, food supplement and vegetables.
  • To engage OVCs in after care programmes in order to build capacity and improve interaction with peers and nature their talents, enhance cognitive development and promote hygiene, Holiday Programme, Youth Camps.
  • To increase capacity of OVCs, their families and the community through sensitization workshops Information, Education and Communication Awareness Campaigns and Child Care Forum providing care, support and protection.
  • To improve capacity of staff by providing Staff Development Courses that will ensure effective delivery and formulation of systems in the organization towards proper delivery of services to Orphans and Vulnerable children in a more professional manner.


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