Philani Educare (Early Childhood Development) provides learning and support which is appropriate to the process of emotional, cognitive, sensory, spiritual, moral, physical, and social and communication development of children from birth to school-going age. The number of children from different area of Rand West are 120 ranging from 0-6 years of age.


The Practitioners had a workshop on Child Protection, types of abuse as part of the Child Protection Week

4 successful Staff meetings were held in each quarter and all meetings served as a capacity building for both Teachers and Management. 

 Teachers attended a workshop which was facilitated by Department of Social Development.

Our teachers attended a workshop where they were informed of the importance of Health Certificate, Place of Care Certificate and also how to structure a classroom and a ratio of teacher to children per class.

Practitioners attended Thinking Early Childhood Training which was offered by Ububele and Jo’burg Child Welfare.


 Excursion  to Johannesburg Zoo Lake; all teachers, Parents and children were part of the excursion

 The children participated in sarafina dance as part of commemorating Youth Day.

Practitioners and children celebrated a women’s day in collaboration with Principal’s birthday 12th August and a birthday card for Mrs. Phyllis Malope was designed by children.

On the month of September 2016 our children participated on Heritage day celebration and they were given a platform to demonstrate their different cultural dances, and promoted dignity to individuals.

On the 3rd December 2016 we held graduations in order to honour 22 graduating senior class learners. These graduations were held at Nufcor Hall, and it was attended by the parents, Philani staff members and some of the Board members.

 In order to ensure development of positive social behavior we celebrated Valentine’s Day whereby we choose the best dresser and Miss Valentine’s Day.

We had an educational trip to Westonaria Police Station whereby our children and teachers were taken on a tour of the police station to observe how SAPS Officials conducted their daily activities, we were even taken to the holding cells where people on trial are kept.