Programme Objectives

  • The strategic objectives of Skill Development Program 2012/2015 recognize the Government priorities as identifies in the National Strategic Plan 2012/2016 – Skills Development.
  • Speeding of community development growth and transforming the socioeconomic status through creation of decent, sustainable work – which will in turn generate sustainable income- institution of 20 (twenty alternative cooperatives)
  • Build cohesive and sustainable communities, generating employment and creating job opportunities-successfully reducing poverty in the community of Greater Westonaria by 20%
  • Strengthen the Information and Advice Centre ensuring best outputs and consequent outcomes in terms of accessibility of bursaries and Learnerships – exit 2 000 (two thousand) beneficiaries and follow progress.
  • Promote and maintain sustainability of the program. (institution of income generation manufacturing cooperatives within Philani Development Centre and numerous strategically placed retail cooperatives)